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About Us

New to the motherhood life, I never realised the expenses associated with baby clothing! Finding myself pregnant with my daughter I started the collecting process of baby items to prepare for our new arrival. After a while of looking I realised how expensive brand new baby clothes were, and with even more looking and researching, I’ve found how large of an impact fast fashion is making on our planet.

In Australia alone, roughly 10kgs per person ends up in landfill. That’s about 260,000 tonnes a year. What madness?! All I could think was... there has to be a better way! (For my wallet and the planet).


Then I stumbled upon preloved baby clothes and couldn’t get over that fact that people were selling baby clothes at a fraction of the cost and some even still had the tags attached! When I questioned parents about this, I kept hearing answers along the same line of, “my baby grew out of that clothing size so quickly, they never or barely got the chance to wear them”. How crazy that we buy so much and are given loads of new and wonderful clothing for our little ones and some things are never even touched?


So I began collecting all my daughter’s clothes preloved from other children and couldn’t believe the gems I found! In my excitement I shared this with all my parent friends. Why isn’t this a bigger thing? I wanted to make this a bigger thing, so created Baby Bee's Preloved Clothing with one goal in mind: providing affordable and sustainable options and making it the easiest process for all the time poor parents out there.


Being an avid online shopper myself, I thought what better way to reach as many people as I can than making this an online store. Being a new mum and trying to find the courage to leave the house on my own to go shopping for my baby (while a world pandemic was happening) left very little motivation for wanting to leave the house. This inspired me further to create an online space for other mums and dads in the same boat as me.


My daughter is always at the forefront of my mind and I’m hoping this small step, makes bigger waves, to a better future for her. I hope my passion for preloved baby clothes passes to you and the word is spread, one piece of preloved clothing at a time!

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